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Every girl has that one makeup item that she refuses to leave the home without. For some girls, it’s eyeliner. Eyeliner is a fantastic method to improve your eyes and make them more sensational. Black appears to be the colour of taste, but brown is occasionally used for a subtle improving of the eyes. Many women find it almost impossible to apply. Even though it does take training, sometimes it’s the type of eyeliner you are using that is getting in the way.

Give me the stick:

Many women are knowledgeable about the eye pencil. It is probably the very first kind of eyeliner you try when you want to experiment with eye makeup. There are certain suggestions to applying it that will make things simpler. Some women will warm it up with a lighter for a smooth finish. Some women like to place it in the freezer instead. Gradually pulling your eyelid taut will help keep your eye pencil from creating broken lines on your own lid. Now, there are mechanical eyeliner pens available that make it easier to smooth on your own eyelid.

Give me the bottle:

Women who have trouble with an eye pencil may prefer liquid instead. Liquid eyeliner comes in a tiny bottle and is well known to leave a sleek and refined finish. This website has a lot of information regarding smudge proof eyeliner. With liquid eyeliner, women can wear glowing eye shadows without looking like a clown. Although liquid eyeliner glides on easily, some women find it cluttered, especially if you accidentally put it in the wrong spot.

Give me the jar:

What type of eyeliner comes in a jar? Gel eyeliner, of course! Gel eyeliner offers the simple application of the eye pencil matched with the sleek finish of liquid eyeliner. Gel eyeliner is applied with a makeup brush, and a few women prefer this method as you are able to pat and slide eyeliner on. It’s not overly rough like the eye pencil and not as runny as liquid eyeliner. Gel eyeliner is, in addition, versatile since make-up brushes of different sizes could be utilized to accomplish different results.

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